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Nintendo Switch hack lets it run homebrew code

By November 27, 2017 No Comments


The Nintendo Switch may not be the most powerful game console released this year, but it’s one of the most intriguing, thanks to its modular design that lets you use a single device as a tablet, a game console, and with or without the controllers attached to the device itself.

I think that’s how hacking works, anyway. I’ve not really tried it myself. I once failed a computer science class, though. If I’m getting my exchange rates right, I think that means I helped get homebrew access on the Nintendo Switch.
Mr. Cody Brocious, otherwise known as Daeken from Team ReSwitch, might disagree. He announced on Twitter a few days back that Pegaswitch now supports usermode arbitrary code execution.

According to Wololo. net, this essentially means that homebrew is now available on the Nintendo Switch. How? I don’t know. This stuff is complicated. There’s information in that link, presumably.
But that’s far beyond my talent or patience. Back in the day, I had to have my buddy call me via Skype while I pointed a webcam at my TV so he could guide me through the modding process of my Wii step by step. He’s a very nice man. A very smart man. I am not. But you’re probably smarter than me. You can probably figure it out. I believe in you.
For the uninitiated, homebrew capability allows you to run or store games/programs/pictures of Bidoof that aren’t officially sanctioned by Nintendo. This has been taken advantage of in the past to allow people to play region-locked games or display a media center or update your system without installing the specific bits that would wipe your modding entirely.

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